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systematic solutions

Our goal is to create complete and individualised logistics solutions just for you, taking into account the full range of parameters in order to make sure that all your expectations are met. The very best solutions are founded on communication – whether with corporate clients for longer-term just-in-time projects or with small and medium-sized enterprises for one-off haulage jobs.

Our flexibility and fast turnarounds are the result of countless years of experience working with all types of freight. As a trusted partner, we are therefore able to guarantee fixed deadlines and the utmost in transport security – even with short response times. This is our promise for every job we do.


All the goods we transport for you have their own very unique characteristics, which we handle in ways that have been individually tailored to their needs. We transport a broad variety of differently sized materials, ranging from a centimetre to a tenth of a millimetre.


Synthetic granules for the plastics industry

  • Talcum for the dye, paper, petroleum and plastics industries
  • Sands for the glass, ceramics and construction industries, as well as for golf courses
  • Salts for a wide range of uses and applications
  • Cement for mixing plants in the construction industry
  • Starch for the paper and feedstuff industries
  • Feedstuff for feedstuff factories and agriculture
  • Lime and fertilizer for agriculture
  • Sulphates for the glass and detergent industries
  • Plaster and render for the construction industries
  • Clay for the ceramics industry